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Many thoughts occur to us all through the day. Some are spur of the moment thoughts that do not make sense later. However, every once in a while, we have a thought that makes more sense as we keep thinking about it. These thoughts have many layers to them and as we keep peeling them, we discover some truth about ourselves. This blog is an effort to find that truth.

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Wise Words Are Like Pure Gold

In an earlier post, I had introduced you to the poems of Yogi Vemana. This 17th-century ascetic had written extensively on morality, ethics, human pathos and spread this wisdom through verses known as Vemana Satakam or Vemana Padhyalu. The current verse is another pearl of wisdom from him:Alpudepudu palkunadambaramuganusajjanundu balku callaganukancumroginatlu kanakambu mrogunavisvadabhirama vinura VemaContinue reading “Wise Words Are Like Pure Gold”

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