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Life of an inconspicuous city girl


Life Of An Inconspicuous City Girl

Many thoughts occur to us all through the day. Some are spur of the moment thoughts that do not make sense later. However, every once in a while, we have a thought that makes more sense as we keep thinking about it. These thoughts have many layers to them and as we keep peeling them, we discover some truth about ourselves. This blog is an effort to find that truth.

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We Are All Strong Until We Face The Test

They say that in the face of adversity, our true self comes forward. Some of us stand up and take the lead, while some step back and follow a leader. Some of us crumble and break down, while some of us straighten our back and weather the storm. It is hard to predict with certainty […]

Keep Faith And Do Your Job

I know I am being irrational,But I can’t seem to form a rational thoughtI can see that I need to be brave,But I can’t seem to find the courageI know the problem is small,But I can’t help finding it insurmountable How do I overcome this state of mind?How can I find a way past this […]

The Bondage of Debt

Recently I read a story from an old Indian children’s magazine called Chandamama. I was so impressed by it that today I want to share it with all of you. Long time back, there was a night watchman. His job was to roam the streets of the village at night and look out for thieves. […]

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