First Review Of Aladdin

Hello everybody. Yesterday, I went to watch Aladdin on the opening night, here in Jamaica. Wow! It was wonderful, I loved it and so I am here to write about it and share my feeling with all of you.


It’s a story that I read countless times since childhood and watched even the television cartoon series also during the 1990s. I went to the movie expecting the same old stuff but wanted to see how Will Smith played the Genie. I liked it so much that I want to watch it another time.

The 2019 film Aladdin was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by John August. Will Smith played the eccentric and comical Genie with easy and he nailed it. Mena Massoud as Aladdin looked very handsome and perfect for the role, Naomi Scott as Jasmine looked beautiful and Marwan Kenzari played the evil wazir, Jafar. Alan Tudyk gave his voice for Jafar’s pet bird Iago. Abu, the kleptomaniac monkey pet of Aladdin, was cute. The comical, musical, fantasy did not miss a single beat. I enjoyed all the songs and was waiting for the old favourite “A whole new world…”. The costumes were dazzling, and the sets were superb, it was a splash of colours on the screen.

This movie is a total entertainer. Some dialogues of Will Smith had deep meaning. For example, he says something like… “the funny thing about wishes is that the more you have the more you want”. Overall I loved the movie and I can watch it again. A big thumbs-up from me.

And, I will rate it 4 stars out of 5.

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