Walking Is The Best Meditation

I consider walking as the best ways of meditation that we all can follow. It is not just a means to get to a destination. It is not just a workout for the body, but it is an exercise for the soul as well. We have all heard of people, who do their best thinking when they go out on walks. We have also heard of taking a walk to cool one’s mind. Some people practise walking as a hobby. However, to me walking is nothing but meditation.

When my mind is in turmoil, or when I am unable to hold a single thought for long, I take a walk to clear up my mind. There is something therapeutic about walking along a path all by yourself, preferably in nature. With no noise or other opinions clouding my mind, I find it easier to breathe and sort through the jumble in my mind easily.

In today’s world, concrete jungles are everywhere and finding a shady tree to sit under is a rarity. Walking among buildings doesn’t have the same impact as nature, but I will have to adjust until I can find a good park or walking trail near my home. I just pick a quiet lane that is lined with tree and pretend that I am walking in a park.

Some of the best places for a relaxing walk are the beach or along the river. There is a very relaxing effect that is generated by the sound of flowing water. The sound of gushing washing, tinkling sounds of a waterfall, the sound of waves, etc always sets the mind at ease. At times when I am particularly troubled, I play the sounds of water on Youtube. I am instantly taken back to that peaceful memories.


  1. kaish19 says:

    Reblogged this on My K-Pop Obsession and commented:
    I prefer to walk by the sea or ocean than along a forest trail. Nothing but my thoughts and the sounds of nature to bring calm and peace

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    1. Peko says:

      Last time we were at a beach it was crowded and noisy 😦

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  2. Reg Spittle says:

    I am soon drawn once again to the long-distance trails of Europe…for a month of walking meditation!

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    1. Wow!! That sounds heavenly to think of all the peace and quiet. But one whole month of walking sounds too tiring ☺️


      1. Reg Spittle says:

        There are wonderful sections…no need to do the entire trek. Many make Assisi their ending point, starting either south or north of the city. The church in Assisi issues the testimonium too.

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  3. Peko says:

    Walking peacefully is becoming kind of a luxury right now. But coming from a noisy household with 2 hyperactive kids I long to take a quiet walk. Luckily I like in a gated community, I get to take occasional walks… all is still not lost 🙂

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    1. The silence of a short walk will do wonders when we have a noisy house. It helps us breathe easy.


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