Be Mindful of Your Words While Expressing Yourself

Words are the most powerful tools that we use to express opinions, intentions, ideas, plans etc. Understandably, our words can make our life easy and smooth sailing or they can invite trouble and unwanted risks. Many times, though we speak the truth, if we are not careful of our tone or choice of words, our message is not conveyed correctly. This can potentially wreck a relationship, business deal or lifelong friendship.

When we let our anger, envy or pride colour our tone of speaking, we could end up conveying a very different message. There are few situations when our emotions are justified, however, they get communicated in a more sinister way because of the words we use. We often describe it as righteous anger and intend to point out the evil intentions behind an innocuous deed. However, our emotions and inner turmoil can distort our speech and make us appear jealous and resentful.

There are many examples of such mishaps in our daily life. I had recently encountered a conflict that was blown out of proportions because of this reason. It was a lesson I wanted to remember and hence, I have written this blog. I hope to bring this to the attention of my readers.


  1. Sharda says:

    True! When we speak we have to remember to choose our words and tone. But when we post messages on social media platforms, we have to put in extra effort to choose our words because no one can gauge our tone. I had a personal experience where the message I typed was meant to be taken in a comical sense but it was interpreted as a rude and cold remark. I did not know how to rectify the misunderstanding.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with what you say. In the recently concluded UNGA meet on Climate Change, Greta Thurnberg spoke to all world leaders, giving a strongly worded message to get their act together. Though i agree with her work and intentions, i felt her speech was very rude and disrespectful. I know many, might not agree with me, but thats my viewpoint.

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  3. rediffuser says:

    I agree with you. The saddest part of it all is the word Sorry. A Sorry is supposed to magically wipe all the hurtful words and insults.


    1. True, the word sorry had lost its worth and it’s meaning is diluted


  4. Anonymous says:

    Great message.


  5. Anon says:

    Great insights.


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