To Change Or Not To Change

I have a bit of an enigma, to change or not to change. Everyone says change is the only constant in life. If we want to adapt to any change in our life, then we have to change ourself, else, we might become obsolete. We have to try to improve our self. In fact, it is strongly believed that those who stick to the old ways often get left behind. Acclimating to change is the only way forward.

Just when I’m convinced with this argument, my mind says, but we have to be strong and stay true to our convictions. We should not keep changing colours and end up losing our individuality in the crowd. We should adhere to our way of life. Change means to quit on our opinions and taking a cowardly way out.

How do we choose which is correct?


  1. Kristen says:

    Most of the times change has been forced on me, I did not have an option but to change. 😐

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    1. It is sad that we are forced to change. The change becomes painful if it is forced on anyone.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You should change only to the extent that you are comfortable with the change. If you really think you need to change, then it has to be slow and step by step.

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    1. It is true, change should come from within. It should not be forced.


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