Beware Of The Evil Eye

Anyone who is from India or who has visited India is aware of the evil eye, or ‘Buri Nazar’ as we like to call it. As I pride myself on being a person of science, I always dismissed this concept of evil eye or ‘Buri Nazar’. It is a widespread notion that says when an envious or ill-intentioned person regards us or our possessions than it will cause harm to the person or the possession. It sounds magical, doesn’t it?

For a long time, people around me have supported this concept of an evil eye and told me many anecdotes of suffering caused by it. There are also just as many people who denounce this notion as being unscientific. They say, these anecdotes are based on hearsay and are stories of uneducated minds. I belonged to the latter thought process. I felt that the idea of causing a person to lose their wealth or health or happiness with just one envious thought seemed magical and fantastical. It happens only in fairy tales. But what if there was a way to prove this evil eye.

Do not worry, neither have I not lost my mind, nor have I turned into a believer. It is not a study or thesis that I have conducted on this subject. I stumbled upon the work of Dr Masaru Emoto on water crystals and the impact of human thoughts, words, emotions etc, on these crystal formations. He says that water carries a consciousness that is gathered from the people and the emotions around it. In his book, ‘The Hidden Messages In Water’ Dr Emoto says, “water exposed to loving, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations in the water while water exposed to fearful and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular formations”.

I have attached a link to his interview from this YouTube video.

From my understanding, what Dr Emoto says is that a positive and loving thought or person invokes positivity and peace around them. Hence, the water crystals are symmetrically and aesthetically beautiful. Similarly, a negative, hateful and envious person or thought invokes discord and unhealthy environment around them. Hence, the water crystals are deformed and shapeless. Since a human body is made up mostly of water, it would be safe to say that these water experiments hold true on people as well. I felt that the same explanation holds true for the concept of the evil eye as well.

I am still not convinced a 100% about this evil eye. It is because I do not like the idea that all my hard work could crumble just because of the jealous and weak thoughts of a person. However, Dr Emoto has made me rethink this concept. I may not have become a believer, but I do not denounce the concept either. There is sufficient experimental proof about the impact of loving words and hateful words that are carried through the water. I do not agree that evil eye works every time, but I believe that positive thoughts and love begets positivity and love. If I surround myself with loving and positive people and emotions, then I will only attract love and happiness. What do you say??


  1. Gazedreamer says:

    You would hope that if the evil eye is true, there must be something that could counteract it!

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    1. Hahaha..
      True, but as Dr Emoto says, love and gratitude are the only way we can survive the negativity and hate.


  2. Efrona Mor says:

    What a lovely and interesting article!

    Ironically I’ve paid attention to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies and found them fascinating. So, how nice to read your thought on it.

    I’m from a culture that as well grapples with the evil eye subjects. I remember opening a business and family would panic when I spoke about its success. I respected them with reservations to my own take on the subject, being that energy indeed does affect our lives. So, I’m with you: neither a believer nor a disbeliever, rather one who believes that energy as Einstien claimed, has something to do with everything!

    Loved the article!

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    1. Thank you Efrona,
      Whether we are believers or not one thing is certain. Only positivity will help us push back anything wrong. Even if the wrong is an evil eye or detractors and naysayers 😀😀

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      1. Efrona Mor says:

        I can get on board with that. I was sitting last night and thinking of how positive thinking brings such nice feelings; like you want to live there on that cloud. It’s these feelings that spark creativity and more hope in me.. Cheers my new friend, have a super Friday!!

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      2. Thank you and wish you all the very best

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