2020: The Crocodile’s Feast

The first time I ever heard a Telugu proverb was from my grandmother. And every time she used one, my cousins and I broke out into giggles. Her choice of adages was quite funny, and when any of us stared at her with an expressionless face, she would immediately jump into explaining the story behind it. 

2020 has been such a bleak year. I am hoping 2021 will be better. Hearing about the vaccine, I was optimistic. However, I read a few stories about the adverse reactions and the virus mutation in some countries. Now, I feel the proverb that fits this situation best is:

“ముందుంది ముసళ్ల పండగ”

(Mundhundhi mussalla pandaga)

When translated into English, it reads: 

The road ahead is going to be a feast for the crocodiles.

In other words, it just means that there is more trouble brewing and what you have experienced so far is nothing compared to what lies ahead. 

This proverb always reminds me of the comic strip Asterix. In Asterix and Cleopatra, Cleopatra’s catchphrase is “…if not, I will have you thrown to the crocodiles”. Towards the end of the story, the narrator says that nearly everyone is joyful except the crocodiles. I guess the crocodiles were waiting for their festival to begin, but the promised feast never arrived. 

Despite all that the world has been through, there are still people who ignore the protocols of wearing a mask, physical distancing and hand sanitizing. They are inviting trouble.

Their fate can be described using the Hindi proverb:

“आ बैल मुझे मार!”

(Aa bail mujhe maar!)

It talks about inviting the wrath of the bull.

I think the crocodiles have feasted enough in 2020. They should go on a diet in 2021.


  1. I love your Grandmother’s quote and rightly so there is worse to come. The crocodiles definitely need to diet or get stuffed. Blessings to you for the coming year.

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    1. Sharda says:

      Thank you Puzzles of the Soul for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Actually I was very depressed upon hearing that the virus has mutated and about the new wave of infections. this post is my way of dealing with the stress. Am waiting for the day when we all can step out and enjoy life like the good old days.

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      1. You have to try and keep out of the negative dialogues. I keep my thoughts away from this and turn to God I leave it to him. It is too easy to be dragged down with people’s energy. Enjoy your life regardless of what people do or think.

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  2. Nalini Singh says:

    Great articulation Sharda. We all are together in this. We just have to stay positive for the good old days to come. Keep writing, I enjoyed reading it.

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