Was Thanos Really An Evil Villain

By now everyone has watched The Avengers franchise and are aware of the supervillain Thanos. He was so disturbed by the greed, suffering, war and imbalance of resources across the universe that he sought to build the ultimate weapon to wipe out half the living beings in the universe. He carefully strategized and worked towards … Continue reading Was Thanos Really An Evil Villain

Summer vacations- The fondest memories

It is summer time in India and it is the time for mangoes and summer vacations. These are the two best things from every Indian's childhood. Though, I am sure that our parents have a different perspective on summer holidays. Every summer, we hear parents discuss different ways to keep their kids occupied and away … Continue reading Summer vacations- The fondest memories

Our inherent urge to control

I recently read an old blog about our need to control people and situations around us. It was an article by a psychologist Dr Perry in his blog Makeitultra Psychology. It was a well written blog about everyone's natural urge to have control over people around them and where this urge stems from. This article … Continue reading Our inherent urge to control

Being selfish is not all bad

We are always taught to be selfless and put others before self. This is one lesson that transcends religion, nationality, time and age. If you are a mother, it is always the child before self. For a father the family comes first. It is a universally accepted norm, but does it always ring true? Can … Continue reading Being selfish is not all bad

Train your brain to kick bad habits

The title of this post, ‘train your brain to kick bad habits’, might sound like a medical thesis or a white paper on psychology. However, I got the inspiration for this from a comedy movie. I kid you not, there is an old Telugu comedy movie in which the protagonist wins the heart of his … Continue reading Train your brain to kick bad habits

Political correctness

In the present day, more than diplomacy, political correctness is more important. Many of us do not bother much for diplomacy and prefer straight shooters. However, no one wants to compromise on political correctness. So what is this political correctness, what exactly does this entail? Is it really that important or necessary to be politically … Continue reading Political correctness

Does Positive Thinking Really Work

Hello friends!! When someone spoke about positive thinking, I always made fun of them by asking, will it help me get away with murder just by wishing it away. Yet, I have seen it work and I have experienced its failures too. You might understand my perspective if I tell you the backstory about a … Continue reading Does Positive Thinking Really Work